The Muslim community of Redlands  has been organizing an Islamic Sunday School since 2007. With the grace of Allah (SWT) the project has evolved into a community operated institution. It is managed by a non-profit organization called the “Peace Academy”.


The  School is located at ICCR 26830, Beaumont Ave.,  Redlands, CA 92373. The school starts at 9:00 am on Sunday morning and ends at noon after the jamma’a for Salat-ul-Thuhr.  The school has KG through 9th grade. The age range is from 5  to 16 years. The mode of instruction is lively and fun, making it a positive experience. We seek to provide good role models and an opportunity for developing Muslim peer groups. The goal is to  generate pride in Islam leading to incorporation of Islamic ideals in the lives of our students.

Quran Class (55 minutes)

 Qaaida Nooraniyah is followed. Once the child is proficient in Qaaida, they are progressed to Quran recitation. It is a 1:1 teaching modality with individual levels of progress. Goal is to:

 1. Read Quran

 2. Memorize Surahs

 3. Memorize  Supplications

Arabic Language (55


Arabic Language Program – Levels 1-4

“I Love Islam” (55 minutes)

The School follows the “I love Islam” and “Learning Islam” textbooks for didactic Islamic education. The text books are published by the Islamic Services Foundation (ISF). It is a non-profit organization which is headquartered in Dallas, Texas since 1989.  More information about the text books and their content can be found on Each grade has a lead teacher who is responsible for teaching the course.  The classes are equipped with modern audiovisual aids to enhance the learning experience.

Physical Education (40 minutes) – On hold currently

We believe that physical education is important for Muslim kids to learn team work and develop peer groups.

 Tuition  (effective until May 31, 2023)  

 The  school fees are as follows:

  • $50 per child/month
  • $20 per child/month for Arabic Program

Financial assistance is available on a case to case basis.