Peace Academy Inc. – Vision

Peace Academy , a NPO for education based in  Redlands, CA , was established in 2007. ´╗┐Peace Academy Inc. has a tax-exempt status (Tax ID #: 26-1422605).

Mission: Redlands Peace Academy endeavors to promote peace through exceptional education of our children, youth and adults in the communities of Redlands, Loma Linda and surounding areas. The focus is on student centered -community driven learning with special emphasis on moral upkeep, compassion, respect and tolerance.

Vision: Redlands Peace Academy will cater for educational needs of all ages, gender, religion and creed. We will strive to provide an array of educational activities to facilitate community involved academic and moral learning. We envision to promote, and live in an environment of compassion, respect and tolerance along with academic excellence.

Values: We believe all individuals needs to be treated with compassion and respect and everyone has a right to achieve highest educational standards possible.